Education and Interests


I am currently a graduate student researcher at Boston University funded by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship in Organismal Biology. My thesis work focuses on the developmental and behavioral ecology of gliding treefrogs, Agalychnis spurrelli, a congener of the red-eyed treefrog that differs in many ways, including poor escape-hatching success and spectacular explosive-breeding aggregations. I did my BS at UC San Diego, where I worked in collaboration with NOAA’s National Marine Mammal Lab studying foraging ecology and behavior of northern fur seal pups on the Pribilof Islands. I am interested in adaptive phenotypic plasticity, animal behavior, development, cue use, and predator-prey interactions.



  • PhD Biology, Ecology, Behavior, & Evolution
  • Boston University, Massachusetts
  • Advisor: Karen M. Warkentin


  • BSc Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
  • University of California, San Diego
  • Minor: Chemistry